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Lecture notes

Slika od Luka Čehovin Zajc
Lecture notes
od Luka Čehovin Zajc - ponedeljek, 7. januar 2019, 09:54

As promised at the last lectures, I have published my notes as a PDF document on Učilnica. This document contains the content of the course with exception of the last topic (Augmented reality) and can serve as a guideline for preparation to the exam in terms of theory. It is still important to know that the document does not cover everything in sufficient detail, sometimes, additional exploration is required to understand a concept, the notes should not be a hard boundary when preparing for the exam (they are primarily an orientation for me what I should cover at the lectures).

Since I am giving you the document which was initially meant to be internal, I would be happy if you send me some feedback if you notice an error of any kind so that I may correct it.

Also: we do not have any lectures anymore, so I wish you a happy 2019 and good luck at the exam.