The aim of
the course is to learn the development of process applications - applications
that directly support business processes in enterprises. They are also known as
composite applications. The development of process applications is becoming
increasingly important as organizations and companies want IT support of processes
as a whole and not just individual activities. Process applications are developed
in Executable BPMN or BPEL (Business Process Execution Language). In this
course we will learn two important aspects: 1) The design and development of process
applications and 2) SOA - service oriented architecture, which provides the
basis for the implementation of process applications. In addition to the
concepts and approaches, we realized that the process applications significantly
change the development mode, which is based on the process modeling, composition
of services, implementation and monitoring.

experts believe that the development of process applications is the future of
business application development.

In the
context of SOA we will get familiar with web services, process servers, ESB -
service bus, registries and repositories, business activity monitoring - BAM,
identity management, SCA and SDO, human workflow in business processes:
BPEL4People and WS-HumanTask, standards and specifications in the field of
business processes : NGOSS, eTOM, CIM, etc., frameworks of key process
indicators (KPIs), etc.

The course
is practically oriented, including the development of specific process
applications through exercises. We will work on IBM BPM and Oracle BPM / SOA
Suite platforms.

The course
will allow the best students to get certification for IBM BPM and/or Oracle BPM
/ SOA Suite.