We live in
the information age. Information technology changes civilization deeper and
faster than any technology in the past. The importance of information is very
broad - it covers the technology of the internet, the possibility of accessing enormous
quantities of data, the ease of communication, entertainment, learning, and

All this is
built on the basic ideas of the information theory, which we will learn during
this course. We will explain how to measureinformation, how to efficiently
store and share it, how to protect it against errors in the media, and how to
prevent intruders to get use of it. We will also see how modern applications
incorporate the foundations of information theory.

classes are mandatory and are being assessed. During the practical courses it
is necessary to solve five problems that are related to ideas treated in
theoretical classes. The practical part makes up to 1/3 of the final grade.
During the semester two mid-term exams are organized which bring you up to 1/6 of
the final grade. The last 1/2 of the final grade is obtained from written and
oral exam. In the case of good results from the mid-term exams, the final
written and oral exam are optional.