3D modeling

  1. solids
  2. point based representations, mesh reconstruction
  3. voxels, rendering, mesh reconstruction



Physically based rendering

  1. foundations of radio- and photometry, lighting, reflection
  2. advanced lighting models, BRDF, subsurface scattering
  3. global illumination: rendering equation, models for solutions
  4. Monte Carlo path tracing, Metropolis light transport, irradiance caching, photon mapping



  1. interpolation, kinematics
  2. motion capture
  3. dynamics: particle and mass-spring systems, animation of fluids, rigid bodies, deformable models
  4. facial animation




Laboratory projects, where students implement their own solutions for visualization and animation of 3D models. Lab work is distributed over the semester, one homework for each content block and a seminar through the semester with a final presentation of results.