The course introduces students to the basics of multimedia technologies. Different kinds of media are ubiquitous in everyday life, as music, images, movies, TV and web follow us everywhere.

In this course, we first look at the basics of data visualisation, focusing on interactive visualisations. We then explore the technologies behind multimedia contents that form the basis for the use, design and development of multimedia systems. Different types of media will be taken into consideration: text, sound and music, images and video. We focus mainly on effective data presentation and compression (e.g. how mp3 or jpeg compression works), as well as search and retrieval in multimedia databases (e.g. how Google works).

The exercises take the form of project work, where students work individually or in small groups to implement interactive visualisations of open data.

The course work includes a seminar assignment (i.e. development of an interactive visualisation), several presentations of the work progress during the semester, and a final presentation of the assignment. A final written exam follows.