The goal of this course for students of Computer and Information Science is to present key concepts of Information Systems, the different categories of Information Systems, and the place and role of Information System in Business Systems. Knowledge that students acquire in the course are crucial for understanding the operation and use of modern Information Systems. During laboratory exercises students learn utilization of modern information technologies and development environments, which are intended for the development of computer applications to support Information Systems.

The students are required to regularly perform taks, which includes short exams of checking the understanding of the basic concepts presented in the course, and the practical application of knowledge by working on smaller projects that are implemented in a form of homework. Students actively participate in the evaluation of the implementation of practical project by performing peer review. Adequacy of their grades given to fellow students is also part of their assessment. The final examination is performed in the form of a practical exam conducted by implementing a small project from a selected problem domain. Students are allowed to use the literature in their final examination.