Instruction on the purpose and process of preparing a diploma thesis. Ethics and plagiarism.

Homework 1: every student must select a menthor and a topic of his diploma thesis!


How to start with searching and studying the relevant literature for the selected topic. Visual and logical text editing. Writing of technical texts (types, structure, citing, preparation, language, reviewing). Perceptual and communicative capabilities of humans (sight, hearing, touch, speaking, writing, non-verbal communication).

Tutorial: Google Scholar, Microsoft Academic Research, Web of Knowledge, Cobiss and SICRIS, ePrints.FRI, LaTeX and BibTeX.

Homework 2: every student writes an overview article on the topic of his diploma thesis.


Managing of personal productivity, project based approach to reaching goals (traditional, adaptive and extreme projects), visualization methods for creative processes (mind maps etc.). Oral presentations (planning, projection materials, presentation).

Tutorial: outline of clearly defined goals of the diploma thesis and definition of steps in reaching these goals. Methods for personal productivity (Getting Things Done, Pomodoro), tools for visualization of mind maps, tools for preparation of projection materials (MS PowerPoint, Impress, Prezi).

Homework 3: preparation of oral presentation on the diploma thesis (overview, problem, solution).

Before the oral presentation in the framework of the tutorial every student must get an approaval of the contents of the presentation from his diploma menthor! Discussion after each presentation is encouraged!


Scientific publication (conferences, journals, books, e-publications, open access, reviews), resources on the Internet (communication, tools for cooperation, data bases, scientific social networks), protection of intellectual property (patents, licences, author rights), creativity and career planning.

Tutorial: individual consultation with assistants about the diploma thesis – tutor approach.

Homework 4: every student prepares the outline of his/hers diploma thesis in the final format with the help of the necessary LaTeX template by giving the chapter structure. The overview article and literature must be already integrated in the thesis outline. For the unfinished chapters, clear steps must be outlined what needs to be done in order to finish the diploma thesis.

Completion and defense of the diploma thesis:

in addition to the lectures, the course includes individual work on the diploma thesis under the supervision on the thesis advisor.