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Week Room Group Users Viewers Moderators Recording Actions
21.10@16:30 online and in P19 -> Outline of the Course, and Hacking Ethics ipri3 (INFOSEC)
16.12.@16:45 Team assignment overview IS POSPTPONED. Today: UNPACKING MALWARE and a short Q&A if there are any. ipri3-unpacking-malware
25.11.@16:30 -> Human Attack Vectors Part 1 HumanAttackVectors.1
02.12.@16:30 Human Attack Vectors Part II. Human Attack Vectors Part II
28.10.@16:30 -> PENetration TESTing, and Breach databases ipri3-6138-LECT2and3
4.11.@16:30 -> Open source Intelligence Gathering
18.11@16:30 -> Shodan ipri3-lect04-SHODAN
18.11@17:30 -> metasploit ipri3-metasploit