Calculus is a first step into mathematical analysis, the field of mathematics that deals with functions. A function is a formal way of expressing dependence between two different quantities (for example, the length of the day depends on the time in the year, the bill at the cashier depends on the things in your shopping basket, the result on the exam depends on the time spent studying, and there are many many other examples). In this course we would like to help you to learn more about functions. You will need then in your other computer science courses and later on in your work in computer and information science. The more you know about them, the more useful they will be to you, and the possibilities are almost unlimited.

The course is divided onto 5 chapters: Numbers, sequences and series, Functions of one and several variables, Derivatives with applications, Integrals, and Differential equations.

Coursework consists of weekly homework assignments, two midterms and a final exam.