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File Course description and students obligations 2023/24

About lecturers, contents, grading, and literature.

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Warning: The slides from the lectures are outlines of the topics covered. Do not consider them as a replacement for the literature.
URL Some recordings of the partially outdated lectures are available in MS Teams, UL FRI Intelligent systems team, use the code 6zwq5bg for access.
Folder Literature and readings

The main literature for machine learning:
  • James, G., Witten, D., Hastie, T., Tibshirani, R. and Taylor, J., 2023. An Introduction to Statistical Learning: With Applications in Python. New York: Springer. Freely available at https://www.statlearning.com/  (the same book exists for R)

Further readings:

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Sample Exams

File A sample of oral exam questions
File IS Seminar 1
File dataset
File Assignment 2
File Dataset 2
URL Data analyist is a top job

Other surveys confirm the findings..

URL Data science cheatsheet
9. Oktober - 13. Oktober File Introduction to Python (Python Notebook)
File Problems (Python Notebook)
File Solutions (Python Notebook)
17. Oktober - 21. Oktober File Code
File Problems
File solutions
24. Oktober - 28. Oktober File "players.txt" data set
File "movies.txt" data set
File Visualization - code
File Problems
File Solutions
31. Oktober - 4. November File "tic-tac-toe-learn.txt" data set
File "tic-tac-toe-test.txt" data set
File Code
File Problems
File lab4 solutions
7. November - 11. November File "cars.txt" data set
File "spamlearn.txt" data set
File "spamtest.txt" data set
File "vehicle.txt" data set
File "student.txt" data set
File Code
File Problems
File Solutions
14. November - 18. November File "quadrant.txt" data set
File Neural Networks
21. November - 25. November File problems
File nlp
File Solutions
12. December - 16. December File Feature selection
File Model explainability
File quadrant
19. December - 23. December File Clustering
File Ensemble learning
File vehicle.txt
File worldcities.csv
File Problems
9. Januar - 13. Januar File Reinforcement learning - Problems
File Reinforcement learning