Here we provide some basic information for Erasmus and other foreign (non-Slovene speaking) students.

The Algorithms and Data Structures course is held in Slovene (state law). Lectures as well as exercises are in Slovene. Sometimes, if there is larger group of foreign students one slot of weekly exercises may be in English. Anyway, we try to help you as much as possible, but some self-initiative to study from textbooks and other materials is expected.

Usually, foreign students translate online e-classroom (, quizzes, challenges, homeworks using some online translation tool. Google translate has been used many times in the past to successfully finish the course. However, the main study literature is the textbook CLRS (see literature pointers). Table of contents of all the topics covered in the course is also provided for you in the main page.

The final written exam may be provided to you in English if requested. Additionally, a short oral exam is held for you in order to resolve some difficulties in understanding the exam assignments and misalignments of your chosen textbook of study with the course topics. Each foreign student is considered personally in relation to the literature she or he studied for the exam.

Nevertheless, to pass the course all regular work during the semester and the final exam must be of decent quality (50% standard).

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