Articles and external resources

The weekly schedule indicates when will each of these topics be covered in class. However, you are encouraged to read the articles before the class:

  • [Wei91] Mark Weiser. The Computer for the 21th Century. Scientific American. September 1991.
  • [Wei93] Mark Weiser. Some Computer Issues in Ubiquitous Computing. Communications of the ACM.Vol. 36. Issue 7. July 1993.
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  • [PM15] Pejovic, Veljko, and Mirco Musolesi. "Anticipatory mobile computing: A survey of the state of the art and  research challenges." ACM Computing Surveys (CSUR) 47.3 (2015): 47.
  • [G15] Google Material Design Guidelines
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  • [Kay15] Janet Kayfetz, Academic Writing, Columbia University Computer Science course, 2015.
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  • [APJ+12] Anand et al., "VillageCell: Cost Effective Cellular Connectivity in Rural Areas", ICTD'12, 2012.
  • [CBA12] Chaudhri et al., "Pervasive Computing Technologies to Monitor Vaccine Cold Chains in Developing Countries", ACM DEV'12, 2012.
  • [VSL+13] Vitos et al., "Making local knowledge matter Supporting non-literate people to monitor poaching in Congo", ACM DEV'13, 2013.
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  • [RNB+11] Ravindranath et al., "Improving wireless network performance using sensor hints", USENIX NSDI'11, 2011.

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